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    Research, Stewardship, Development, and Investment into the Global Gift Economy

  • why Gift Economy?

    ...it is through the art form of authentic giving & receiving that together,

    we can 'be the change we wish to see in the world'


    By creating a ripple effect of “gift giving,” we are serving the greater good of humanity

    though the goodness of human nature & connection

    What is the Gift Economy?

    We did NOT create this video. Yet, it’s the best video we can describe on what the Gift Economy is.

  • What WE are doing

    We're collaborating, masterminding & stimulating the power of giving & creating platforms for conscious communication

    Gift KARMA

    the APP

    This phone app is a hub where people get to showcase their personal gifts they can offer & and also share their wish list of gifts they want to receive.


    This trustworthy platform stimulates a real time gift economy & social network where everyone can experience a world of generosity, through the act of giving and receiving services & goods.



  • The impact of

    Gift KARMA

    Gift KARMA is an app that encourages a lifestyle of giving & receiving, which supports people living in a life with more fulfillment and real human connection.


    Have you ever wanted something for your birthday but didn't know how to ask?

    Have you ever had an abundance of food in your garden & didn't want it to go to waste?


    Imagine a revolutionized way to express what you wish to receive for an occasion, like a gift registry, but instead of it being an empty gift from a store, it is personalized gift linked to desires & from the heart. Our app is currently being designed to offer an alternative way to give gifts on birthdays, holidays & special occasions by giving people ideas for gifts that come from inspiration, that they have an abundance of, and that feels fulfilling when offering it.

    “Lucy (from the future)” Member Testimonial on the impact of GiftKarma

  • The Team

    Here’s our team working on this.

    Contact us to learn more about supporting our mission

    Raj Lahoti

    Founder / Chief Steward

    Dreaming up technological solutions for a global movement. With over 3 decades using technology, Raj is dedicated to the joy of serving humanity by co-creating creative technological solutions that positively impact the status quo (a.k.a. “Breaking Normal”)

    Hart Sawyer

    Visionary Muse

    Musician, vocal catalyst, and activist at heart, Hart is dedicated to serving humanity through the J.O.B. (Joy of Being) of activating people in their heart through a variety of modalities to catalyze new concepts for a new paradigm.

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    Our intention is to get this movement launched and the app off the ground by 2020. Get in touch, send us ideas, tell us how we can work together.