• Why Gift Economy?

    ...it is through the art form of authentic giving & receiving that together,

    we can 'be the change we wish to see in the world'


    By creating a ripple effect of “gift giving,” we are serving the greater good of humanity

    though the goodness of human nature & connection

    What is the Gift Economy?

    We did NOT create this video. Yet, it’s the best video we can describe on what the Gift Economy is.

  • What WE are doing

    We're collaborating, masterminding & stimulating the power of giving & creating platforms for conscious communication

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    The alternative to buying gifts


    To share presence instead of presents.


    Discover your innate gifts.


    Give truly from GIFT and rather than Obligation

  • The current version of
    Gift KARMA

    Gift KARMA is an app that encourages a lifestyle of giving & receiving, which supports people living in a life with more fulfillment and real human connection.

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  • The future of
    Gift KARMA

    Just a concept... but you get the point!

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    A sneak preview of what’s to come

  • Additional Media on the Gift Economy

    Curated content that talk about the Gift Economy

    The Gift Economy

    How Gift ECOnomy Will Change the World

    What is a Gift Economy?

    Charles Eisenstein on Sacred Economics

    The more you give, the richer you are

  • Raj Lahoti featured on the Breaking Normal Podcast w/ Daniel Eisenmen

    Direct Apple Podcast Link Here >>


    Our intention is to get this movement launched and the app off the ground by 2020. Get in touch, send us ideas, tell us how we can work together.